A Ticking Timebomb

When the pandemic first hit most of us were surprised at the effectiveness of distributed virtual workforces. We also learnt how relentless Zoom calls and lack of demarcation between work and home can lead to burnout and other mental health issues. However, as we gradually emerge from COVID 19 it seems that most office-based companies … Continue reading A Ticking Timebomb

It’s breakfast time and digital culture is hungry

Why is it that everyone sagely agrees with Peter Drucker’s aphorism that culture eats strategy for breakfast but the vast majority of companies spend far more time on their strategy than their culture? We organise strategy offsites, strategy departments are set up, extensive strategy documentation is developed, expensive strategy consultants are engaged and we present … Continue reading It’s breakfast time and digital culture is hungry

The Biggest Silo of them All

What happens in your company when IT systems fail, software development projects are late or there is a data breach?  Do the business people indignantly escalate the issues to the IT department? Do they write angry emails to the CIO?  If that is the case and you aspire to be a digital company then you … Continue reading The Biggest Silo of them All

Digital to the Core

In mid 2015 a group of executives were huddled in a windowless Mumbai conference room debating how to overcome what many believed to be an insurmountable challenge. Half the room were bankers, the rest were an eclectic mix of entrepreneurs, transformation specialists and designers. The bankers were adamant that the task in hand was not … Continue reading Digital to the Core

Are you Future Ready?

Companies that execute successful transformations seem to be able to predict the future better than others. They spot trends early and are able to make informed investment decisions that give them a head start developing innovative solutions. Do they employ psychics or have leaders with superpowers? Clearly not. It is because they follow a structured … Continue reading Are you Future Ready?

T Shaped Transformations

I often hear alpha type leaders tell me with pride that they intend to fire those that do not get on board with their plans for transformation. This is not an act of courage and decisiveness but rather a failure in leadership. Very few people come to work with the intent to do poor work … Continue reading T Shaped Transformations

Being Data Driven

One swallow does not make a summer (a fact that I have found to be oh so true since relocating to Edinburgh!) nor does one pie-chart in a powerpoint make you a data driven company. When I became Chief Data Officer at DBS in 2016, I was tasked with making DBS “data driven”.  How hard … Continue reading Being Data Driven

The System Always Wins.

“When a great person takes on a bad system the system always wins”. Frank Voehl. The internal systems and processes of legacy companies are designed to protect the status quo and when left unchanged, present insurmountable barriers to any significant and sustainable transformation. The way investment decisions are made, the way people are hired and rewarded, … Continue reading The System Always Wins.


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