Today every company is going through some kind of transformation. Transformation is a matter of survival. Many transformations are digital, some are strategic but all are about people. If learning about how to go about successfully transforming companies is relevant to your conference or event I am available to share my story.

I led the renowned DBS Transformation for 12 years. Since retiring from DBS I have worked with companies to help them design transformation programs. Transformation programs that are led by the people of the organisation not by experts or consultants. I have a unique perspective on what works and what does not.

Here is some feedback from recent engagements and examples of my webinars, conferences, videos and podcasts…

Feedback from Recent Engagements

Jaw dropping

The most impactful session I have ever seen”

“The session is great and informative, Paul is a great speaker. There were so many valuable insights that he shared that meet changing business and market requirements”

“Paul’s session is truly fantastic and insightful. I particularly like the idea/insight on programmatic culture change and the suggestions on what DBS did to resolve conflict within the teams (structure, unified budgets, strategy, etc.). It’s not impossible for us to transform digitally, we just need to be brave enough to do it”

“An expert who has been there done that to share real practical examples and inspire confidence on the road ahead”

“Real life examples from DBS and the management impact / career shifts people experienced when they embraced digitization – inspiring”

Fireside Chat with 3Pillar – a 60 minute webinar – 15 mins of my presentation followed by Q&A. The subject was how to lead a successful transformation

Curious Thinkers: From Damn Bloody Slow to the Best Bank in the World – a 45 minute webinar (including questions) that describes the DBS transformation journey and my top ten lessons

Business Agility Institute: Strategic Agility at DBS Bank – a 20 minute video talking about business agility at DBS in the context of the emerging pandemic. It also features a beard that I immediately shaved off after see the video!!

Horizon Conference. Our friends from Deloittes put this professional looking video together of my good self telling the DBS transformation story.

Rita McGrath: Fireside Chat – Scott and I chatted to the legendary Rita McGrath about Eat Sleep Innovate

Ci2019: Innovating at Scale
– I travelled to Melbourne for one of the last “in person” conferences before the pandemic for the excellent CI conference. This is a long video but the clip below starts at 9:00 mins in and I speak for the next 15 on the DBS story

Eat Sleep Innovate Webinar: Here is the webinar that Scott and I did just ahead of the Eat Sleep Innovate Launch

Innosight Conference Munich: An interview I did with my good friends at Innosight after I had done a speaking session alongside the great Clayton Christensen.

Business Agility New York: The 22,000 Person Startup. This is an early one, just after we were named World’s Best Digital Bank, I travelled to New York to speak at the very first and excellently run Business Agility Conference and told the DBS story in 18 minutes. The video is not on YouTube so you will have to click on the image below that will take you to the conference website.