Here are articles that I have written, co-written or are about the work I have been involved in.

HBR: ”Breaking Down the Barriers to Innovation”
The first one up is the HBR article that I wrote with Scott, Natalie and Rahul. It was the precursor to the book captures a lot of the ideas from our work on “Culture by Design”. It describes how to move towards a culture of innovation by systematically removing the things that are getting in the way. Here is the link (unless you are a HBR subscriber you may have to use up one of your free articles for the month – I hope you find it worth it). The article was nominated for the the inaugural Clayton Christensen prize which recognises the most influential HBR articles on innovation (just saying). “3 Steps to better virtual meetings
Scott Anthony and I wrote about how to apply BEANS and culture by design to improve video meetings as we navigated the pandemic. Here is the link. 3 Tactics to accelerate digital transformation
Yet another co-author with Scott Anthony. This time on we at DBS used technology to make technology disappear. Here is the link.

IMD: This world-leading bank in Singapore successfully reinvented itself as a start-up
IMD interviewed me about my role in transforming DBS and the approach we took. Here is the link

This was the first interview I did with a global magazine as we started to get noticed for our digital transformation. Here in the link

Global Finance
I was interviewed after speaking at one of GF’s conferences in London. Covered the DBS transformation approach. Here is the link.

HRM Asia
I was interviewed by HRM before I spoke at their conference (link) on the role of HR in transformation and then I made the front cover after making an impression at their conference, link.